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General Developments
In the coming versions:
  • Sniffer based discovery capabilities with built in filtering
  • Light weight API support of discovery capabilities without the support of the full platform - done
  • Port Mirroring analysis -Based on the data passed this way, we supply both statistics, and events when specific data is passed - done
  • Layer2 Mapping Monitoring. A daemon and a set of reports and maps that monitor the layer2 connection map of devices in the network. Layer2 mapping is a dynamic process that changes all the time, and as such it must be monitored with high frequency. This is an implementation on top of the monitoring platform. There are events that are triggered whenever a new device is discovered, and actions can be assigned to these events, such as checking the device compliance and disconnecting the device if needed.
  • Event log support with a color based event console, event history report and a mechanism to define event actions - Done
  • Agent based remote discovery platform for discovery beyond NAT networks - Done
  • Large scale discovery mechanism intended to shorten discovery cycles in very large scale organizations - Done
  • First Beta of 'CheckIT', a management product created based on the Genie discovery and monitoring platform - Done
  • Generic maps Generator wizard, enabling creation of topological maps - Done
  • Topolgical maps viewer - Done
  • TCP Port scaning discovery method - Done
  • SNMP Traps data collector - Done
  • SQL data collection and monitoring agent - Done
  • CSV data collection and monitoring agent - Done
  • WMI Monitoring agent - Done
  • HTTP Monitoring Agent - Done
  • Adding SQL Worker threads for processing update/insert commands simultaneously and asynchronously to the monitoring process - Done (8.2008)
  • Adding Status Summary reports that contain counts of all the monitored elements in every status and in every monitoring method - Done (8.2008)

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