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The Genie - Inventory Platform
The Genie Inventory platform from Jilroy Software is a very powerful generic inventory tool. It can be used to perform discovery operations on any subject. Possible uses are:
  • Network discovery
  • Servers inventory
  • Business inventory
  • Compliance checks
The product currently supports inputs from the following sources:
  • ICMP (Ping and Jitter)
  • SNMP v1/v2/v3
  • SQL based data sources
  • CSV data sources (Excel)
  • HTTP (Web)
  • Telnet/SSH
  • WMI
  • Registry
  • TCP Port mapping
  • LDAP
  • SNMP Traps data collection
and more...
 Genie - Inventory Platform Data-Sheet

Tailoring your own Discovery System
You, as the user of the system, can define, using a simple yet powerful discovery wizard (and without programming), what will be discovered and what the exact structure of the output inventory database will be.

Most of the input plug-ins of the inventory system are fully Java based, and can be run on any Java supporting platform from Unix platforms (Linux/sun/hpux) to Windows and others. (It has some capabilities that require JNI and run on specific platforms, such as WMI, using Microsoft com.)

The discovery output is redirected into a database which can be accessed using report generators using JDBC or can be viewed by the application report generator. The user can alter and customize the collected fields on the discovered items using a GUI based wizard, so you can tailor the discovery process to your exact needs. You actually have the power to decide which tables and fields will be in the Inventory database you create.

Jilroy Software encourages you to use the product and expand it.

If you have any questions and/or recommendations about how to use or how to improve the product, you are most welcome to send your thoughts to support@jilroy.com

If you need to tailor or extend the product to your exact needs and you are uncomfortable doing it yourself, we offer this kind of service for reasonable fees.

Large Scale, High Speed Discovery
Although the discovery process is considered relatively slow, in large scale organizations, discovery time can exceed the reasonable. The Jilroy Software Discovery platform Genie is the only platform with high speed discovery algorithms that enable you to discover and extract information from your enterprise in an asynchronous method. This method can shorten the discovery time for large organizations dramatically.

This feature is an addition to the capability of dividing the discovery process into many smaller distributed processes. This method requires additional work, and is not very practical in very large organizations.

Large scale discovery - White paper.

Accessing the Inventory System Data
You can access the inventory data using any Reporting tool supporting JDBC. Since you have full control of the scheme of the database, it would be very easy for you to use off the shelf reporting tools to create a reporting system on the discovery/inventory database.

Building your own GUI
Jilroy Software supplies you with the ability to create your own GUI into the discovery/inventory system you defined, using a set of tools supplied with the product.

The GUI supplied is a fat client written fully in Java/Swing. It contains only presentation logic, and all the application logic is performed in the product's application server which is a tomcat server. The tomcat server communicates with the application's database, and other related files and programs.

The following diagram shows the overall structure of the Jilroy GUI.

Using simple configuration files, you can define menus, query and report forms, and topological maps with the ability to drill down and even print reports. With this powerful tool, you can also manage users' permissions.

Please refer to the GUI programmers guide for exact details of its tailoring capabilities.

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