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Company Overview

Who are we?
Jilroy Software is a provider of large-scale high-frequency monitoring platforms and data collection software. We specialize in developing innovative and useful tools that address the needs of organizations for monitoring themselves in real-time using a centralized approach.

Jilroy Software is composed of a group of highly skilled operating-system architects and system-programmers with many years of experience. We have a lot of expertise in large scale management platforms for large enterprises and telecom that shift to the IP world.

Our products come from the market's needs, and grow based on customers' requests for enhancements. We are very open to enhancement requests and we tailor our solutions to the organizations' exact needs. We have tools and experience which can make this kind of tailoring fast and at a relatively low cost.

Our Mission
Jilroy Software's mission is to provide a high quality, reliable software that addresses the exact needs of our customers.

Our Vision
Jilroy Software's vision is to achieve market leadership through:
  • Developing innovative products, doing the extra-mile that is missing in many of the existing products
  • Creating long term relationships with our customers, giving the best service available, and trying to address their needs either by enhancing our products or tailoring them to the customers' requirements
  • Creating a sustainable customer, partner, employer, and investor value
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