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Genie - Monitoring Platform
The Genie - Monitoring platform addresses the issue of online proactive management by enabling real-time monitoring of large numbers of parameters, in large organizations, using a single central collection station, or a relatively small number of agents, to remotely collect data from a large number of components in the enterprise.

The product addresses all the existing monitoring needs of enterprises today, by focusing on scale.

Addressing Monitoring Needs

Increasing Number of Monitored Parameters
The Genie - Monitoring platform enables the user to determine which parameters will be monitored, at what frequency, and on which components. The selection is very robust and very simple.

The user can define which parameters will be collected from which components, using filters on discovery information on the components.

Multi-Protocol Parameter Collection
The Genie - Monitoring platform supports multiple collection protocols. It currently supports the following protocols:
  • ICMP
  • SNMP
  • SQL
  • CSV
  • WMI
  • HTTP
  • LDAP
  • TCP Port Availablility
  • SNMP Traps collector
and others.

Its support of the monitoring protocols integrates with all its other capabilities, like support in increasing numbers of monitored parameters, ease of installation, and scale.

Simple Installation and Operation
The Genie - Monitoring platform is a centralized monitoring product. It is centrally managed and controlled. It can operate on a single machine monitoring large numbers of parameters, on a large number of components, at a high frequency. When scale is required, it supports distribution of its components to additional machines. While its installation and use 'out of the box' are very simple, it enables the advanced user to tailor it to his or her exact needs.

Complex Correlations and Conditions on the Monitored Parameters
The Genie - Monitoring platform has a built-in mechanism for defining correlation rules and conditions on the monitored data, including the historical data, so that events can be scheduled and event handlers launched, based on these correlation rules and conditions.


The Genie - Monitoring platform is designed for flexibility. It has several levels where this becomes obvious:

Monitoring Parameters Selection
With the Genie - Monitoring platform, it is easy to define which parameters will be monitored on which nodes, in a simple and robust way, that uses filters and information discovered on the monitored components. There is no need to specify, for each node specifically, which parameters will be collected. It is possible, and recommended, to use generic rules to define these values.

Graphical User Interface Flexibility
The product is designed to enable the user to tailor his or her User Interface to his or her exact needs. The user can change the product's menu and add or remove query reports. The product has a permission system that can control what each user will see.

Product's Components Location
In order to support scale, the product is designed to enable flexibility in the location of the product's components. These components can be moved from the server's central point to near by or remote computers.

The Genie - Monitoring platform is designed for scalability, in all aspects mentioned previously.

Component Count Scale
The product, out of the box, is created so that the monitoring components can collect data from a large number of components, concurrently, from a single process, simultaneously.

However, the product supports having multiple collection processes, located either on the same machine or distributed in the enterprise. This capability enables scale, as the monitoring of different components can be distributed over the different collection processes.

The product can collect data from one component without affecting the collection of data from other components.

Collected Parameters Count Scale
Each collection process can collect multiple parameters from any given number of components. As described previously, the scale in the number of monitored parameters is handled by adding more collection processes.

Monitoring Frequency
Since the product is designed to simultaneously monitor all or any given node(s), there is no theoretical limit to the monitoring frequency, and the only actual limits are CPU, memory, and bandwidth, which are addressed by adding more collection processes, and distributing the monitored components between them.

Correlation Rules
The correlation rules analysis is a special process. This process can also be multiplied and distributed if scale is required.

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