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Jilroy software's technology as a middle-ware - Introduction

Exactly as "messaging software" and databases are middle-ware technologies used by applications and enterprises, so can Jilroy software technology act as a middle-ware software. Our technology in an enabler for discovery based inventory, remote data collection and monitoring for applications and solutions.

What do we mean by middle-ware
You can easily and transparently integrate our technology into your products. This will enable you to focus your effort on your offering, without spending time on developing capabilities which are needed for your application, but are not your main focus.

Methods of integration
Our technology can be easily configured to perform almost any remote discovery, data collection and monitoring task you may need. This can be done once, or continuously while our technology is running. Once configured it will collect the data you requested at the frequency defined, into the store of your desire (either database, files, or other mechanisms - out of the box).

High flexibility capabilities
Jilroy Software technology was designed to be highly flexible. You can easily instruct it (without programming) to perform almost any discovery, data collection and monitoring operation you need, on almost any type of node, using our large number of supported protocols (which continues on growing).
You can change the logic of the discovery and data collection functions based on the data collected while running, using predefined and easy to use interfaces to our software.

Large scale capabilities
Jilroy Software technology can support any scale of data collection and monitoring. This capability is available for you in a transparent way, when using us as your middle-ware. In this way your application can scale to any size if its limiting factor is the data-collection and discovery requirements.

Discovery rules usage documented sample gives a detailed explanation on how to write a specific network discovery set of rules.

Light Weight Discovery API and command lines
Jilroy Software discovery capabilities are offered also as light weight utilities that can be called from a program as an API or as a command line. These discovery tools are built as a single threaded process performing concurrently a large number of requests in an asynchronous mode. In this mode the full power of the our discovery and monitoring platform is not required. Among the discovery tools we expose are: ICMP discovery tool, SNMP discovery tool, FTP collector, Mail Collector, HTTP collector, HTTPs collector, Whois Collector, Whois Ip collector, DNS resolving collector.
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