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All Jilroy Software products are JAVA based and can run on multiple platforms. They come with an installation package for the following platforms:
  • Windows: XP,2000, 20003, Vista, Windows 7
  • Unix platforms: Linux
Additional installations for different types of Unix platforms (SUN, HPUX) are available on our FTP site. Please contact us for downloading instructions. If another platform is needed, please contact us at support@jilroy.com

We are currently looking for Beta Sites for the advanced versions of our products. Please contact us if you are willing to become a beta-site. Being a beta-site enables you to get our help tailoring the product to your exact needs free of charge.

Full Installation vs. Stand-Alone GUI Installation
There are two files that can be downloaded for each product:
  • Full installation
  • Stand-alone GUI installation
The full installation installs the product core, application server, and the GUI, on the same machine.
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