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The Network Discovery Platform

The Genie Network Discovery, from Jilroy Software, is a full scale network discovery product which enables you to easily gain information about the inventory of your network and access it using SQL.

The Network Discovery product is an implementation of the Genie Inventory platform. It can also be extended to fit your exact needs, as described in the "Inventory Platform" section.

The following diagram shows the overall structure of the Network Discovery system.
The Network Discovery Product Functionality
The Network Discovery product can have multiple purposes:
  • It can be a part of a CMDB that performs a discovery for network devices
  • It can act as the core of a monitoring platform, suppling information about the inventory of the monitored network
  • It can act as the core of a provisioning system
and much more...

It is a full Java based solution and can run on any Java supporting platform from Unix platforms (Linux/sun/hpux) to Windows and others.

Its output is redirected to a database which can be accessed using JDBC. You can alter and customize the collected fields on the discovered nodes using configuration files.

You can decide whether the product will auto discover the nodes in your network, or you can specify directly which devices will be discovered. You can easily customize the GUI supplied with the product, and tailor it to your exact needs. You can add a new query panel. You can define new tables and point to them.

You can manage a permission scheme on the GUI developed. Please refer to the GUI programmers guide for exact details on its tailoring capabilities.

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