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CSV High Scale Data Collection Agent

Why do we need CSV Data Collection?
Data collection on objects in your system can be used for multiple reasons:
  • Internal status monitoring
  • Trends analysis and history collection
  • Counters and state based event generation
and more...

The common uses of the CSV data collection agent is for advanced correlations on data located in text files or Comma Seperated Vector files, like Excel files. For these files, history values and change notifications can be very important.

The CSV data collection agent is built for large scale operations. It can collect information from many CSV data sources in many distant locations simultaneously.

The product enables defining event triggers based on the data collected. The event triggers launch a user defined command, which can, for example, be an SNMP trap or any other command.

The agent can perform this operation very fast using asynchronous operations and complex algorithms. The agent does not wait for a response from a given node to monitor other nodes.

The agent contains many flow control parameters that enable it to work in all kinds of networks.
On the node level, the agent supports:
  • Monitoring frequency
  • Monitoring hours
and more...

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