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Jilroy Software and The Open Community

Jilroy Software developes its products with the Open Community in mind.

User Based Enhancement Requests
We believe that our customers know best what is needed and where our products should go. We take every customer's enhancement request very seriously and we encourage our users to ask us for enhancements and guide us. If you have any requests, please contact: support@jilroy.com.

Product Extensions
All our products were created to enable the user to expand and extend them. The extensions themselves can be distributed and be made available to all users.

The Discovery Platform
The Discovery platform enables the user to specify the exact structure of the Inventory database and the Discovery rules that populate this database. The definitions are established inside configuration files, that can be distributed later.

The Monitoring Platform
The Monitoring platform has multiple methods for collecting data, which enable the user to remotely monitor almost any parameter in the enterprise.
The Monitoring platform enables the user to specify:
  • Exactly what he wants to monitor, and which method
  • What the collection frequency is
  • What the thresholds are, and that passing them leads to a notification action
The users can define these parameters and more. This way, they can use the product to monitor almost anything in their IT environment. The definitions are created inside configuration files that are distributed later.

The Jilroy GUI
The GUI supplied by Jilroy Technologies is created for extendability.
The user can configure the following:
  • The Menus of the product
  • The Query and Report panels of the product
  • The Topological maps contents and relations
  • The Permission mechanism of the product
By tailoring the discovery and monitoring platforms, the GUI can be set to fit those changes, and fulfill the exact needs of the users.

Open Community
Jilroy Technologies encourages its users to extend its products. Any meaningful change done to its products by the open community will be made available. Please send any request or enhancement to support@jilroy.com.

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