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We are now offering our discovery tools as light weight utilities that can be called from a program as an API or as a command line. These discovery tools are built as a single threaded process performing concurrently a large number of requests in an asynchronous mode. In this mode the full power of the our discovery and monitoring platform is not required. Among the discovery tools we expose are: ICMP discovery tool, SNMP discovery tool, FTP collector, Mail Collector, HTTP collector, HTTPs collector, Whois Collector, Whois Ip collector, DNS resolving collector.

A new version of CheckIT is now available for download. This version contains a new sub-application for Layer2 Discovery. This "Layer2" sub-application was fully developed without any new code to the product, only using the customizable options supplied with the product. It can give users and integrators the feeling of what can be achived using the Jilroy's product as a framework/middle-ware.
We are now working on documenting this sub-application building process.

A new document
Discovery rules usage documented sample is now available for download. It gives a detailed explanation on how to write a specific network discovery set of rules.

Discovery, data collection and monitoring middle-ware Exactly as messaging is a middle-ware software used by applications, so can Jilroy's offering act as a middle-ware software for complicated solutions and applications that require discovery, data collection and monitoring functionality. Our software was designed to easily integrate with other products supplying them these capabilities, while supporting high flexibility to answer all their demands and in any scale.

Event log UI and logic was added to the products. The event log handling contains an event console that shows the open events, and allows to assign events and to filter them. There is an event history report that allows viewing and filtering all the events that occurred in the system. A wizard to define actions to be processed when events occur was added. THere are pre-defined actions and there is an ability to define new actions.

Remote (NAT crossing) discovery. It is now possible to perform remote discovery on sites that can not be accessed from the management center, such as home premises or remote sites. The discovery is still controlled and managed from the center. A small light-weight service needs to be installed in the in the remote site. Customizable discovery processes can be dispatched to different remote sites. The feature supports having the same IP addresses in different sites.

Large Scale Discovery
The Discovery Platform Genie is currently the only discovery product supporting asyncronous discovery protocols. These new protocols enable the product to perform discovery cycles for huge size organizations, containing millions of nodes, in relativly short periods of time - a few hours compared to cycles of weeks or months in other discovery products.

Large scale discovery - White paper.

A new product called SLA Monitoring platform is introduced. This product is created from the existing "Discovery Platform" and "Monitoring Platform". The product enables the users to define SLA parameters for the product. Based on these parameters, the product can determine whether a component needs to be serviced, and in what order the components should be serviced. Look at the product's section for more details.

SLA Monitoring - White paper.

A small "out of the box" version of the Discovery and Monitoring product is introduced. This product, called "CheckIT", offers basic network management capabilities with automatic network discovery, periodic monitoring, and topological maps. The product is is currently offered for free and software comes with built-in wizards for users to tailor the product to their exact needs.

Finally, after a very long delay and many undocumented sub-versions, a new major version - V3.0 of the Jilroy products, is released. It contains hundreds of new features, which range from new monitoring and discovery protocols to new reports and graphs, and much more.
The major addition to this version is the new topological maps wizard based generator and viewer in Jilroy's GUI.
Now you, as a user, can define the structure of your topological views using a simple but powerful wizard that extracts data from all the Jilroy supported data sources. You can use the information extracted by the Monitoring platform to set the state of the displayed symbols, and you can view the topological maps in Jilroy's GUI.

A new sub version (2.1) of the Monitoring platform is released with a document on how to test Large Scale ICMP Monitoring over the Internet, with all the required configuration files. This version also contains product enhancements in the performance area, such as moving to a faster database (hsqldb).
Genie - Large Scale ICMP monitoring Platform Data-Sheet

An HTML based reporting system is added to the platform. It supports roles and permissions, and enables you to view all the reports defined in the Swing GUI. There is no need to have any HTML knowledge in order to add new reports.

Provisioning and Enforcement automation support. An extension is added to the Inventory product that enables the user to define commands that will run on remote machines based on inventory conditions.

Telnet and SSH protocols are added to the Monitoring and Inventory supported products. This enables our products to extract data from the enterprise's data center core and from the end user terminals, as well as other telnet/SSH supporting devices.

An Inventory Genie is added to the Network Discovery tool. They both have a wizard that enables the user to define what the fields will be in the Inventory Database.

A research page is added to the site. It points to interesting links that are related to the possible uses of the Genie - Monitoring platform.

A roadmap page is added to the site.

Version 1.1 of both Genie - Monitoring platform and the Discovery Genie platform is released for downloading. We are looking for beta sites to test these new and exciting releases.

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