Genie - Jilroy's Monitoring Platform and its Inventory Platform may be just the solution you have been waiting for!

Monitor the Things you Need
There are many monitoring platforms on the market that offer both discovery and inventory capabilities and online monitoring. Most of them specialize on specific subjects (Network management, Windows inventory, etc... ) but have limited customization capabilities. You often find that these solutions supply only 80% of what you want, and it is very hard to tailor them to your exact needs.
Genie, the Inventory platform and Monitoring platform, are extendable platforms that can easily be tailored to your exact needs. Jilroy Software publishes extensions developed by the Open Community on its products, thus enabling the product to grow beyond the capabilities of the company's R&D team.

Have you Stressed your Monitoring Platform?
Most of the monitoring platforms existing on the market fail when trying to scale to large enterprises, with thousands of nodes to monitor, or more. The Genie Monitoring platform is created for scale. It is designed not to require an agent on every monitored node, and collects the requested information remotly using parallel and asynchronous algorithms.

History Data and Trend Analysis
The Genie Monitoring platform is created to keep historical information on the collected data periodically. This information can be used for trend analysis.

Improve ROI on Existing Management Platforms Investments
Both Genie components, the Inventory platform and the Monitoring platform, can integrate with existing management platforms, such as HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, BMC Patrol, CA Uniceter and others. This way you can keep the investment you have done in these products while improving their scaling capabilities.

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